LittleMugGames Debut Anniversary Thoughts + New Game Preview

Hello everyone

This is LittleMugGames, here to make a new announcement

First of all, the preview for LittleMugGames next game, TRICOSMOS: Cardinals Legacy. Check out the DevLogs of other LittleMugGames for more preview content

Looks interesting? I hope so. The game will be released in a few days (assuming that everything goes right) with a limited 100% sale for the first two weeks, stick around to not miss it!

Now, let’s take some time for a more serious talk here: as of today, all the paid games will be available for free after a year since their launch, which means that INITIALIZE_GUARDIANS can be downloaded now without any additional payment. 

Why this big change? Let’s talk about it through more steps.

Over the past two years since I started developing games, I made a good amount of sacrifices to make sure that the games will be as ready as possible to be shared on this website. I wished to make something that I could be proud of and although I feel this way about my released projects, I also wanted to have more concrete proof that my hard work is worth all the time spent working on my games.

Until a few months ago I always had the mindset of “I’m going to continue to work hard so one day I can develop my own games as my job”, for other personal reasons and fears I convinced myself that I need to invest more and more time into game development because I don’t feel like I have the privilege of “waiting until everything will turn out alright”.

This also caused me to be more insecure on what I produce and I want to create. Sometimes the thought of  “my efforts were in vain and I don’t have the power to accomplish my dreams” stucks to me for a while and it’s difficult to shake it off. I still have a long way to go in my journey, however I can’t shake the feeling of an unstable future that lies ahead.

What am I trying to achieve? What is my end goal with LittleMugGames? Can I make it despite my insecurities and lack of skills? Just thinking about these in the night takes a good amount of sleep time I could have had. After a few considerations, I decided that for now I want to keep LittleMugGames only as a way to illustrate my passion and what I can offer with my abilities.

I’m grateful for all the people who visited my game pages and downloaded my creations. My stats are not impressive, but I’m very happy for what I have achieved (as for today 7038 views, 160 downloads and 15 followers). I don’t know if I will have the opportunity to create more, however no matter what I will do in the future I want to keep LittleMugGames as a platform where I’m in full control of what I do and where I’m able to show my progress and improvements. 

To better accomplish this, I decided to make my games more accessible, in a way that more people can try my games and help me improve as much as I can. This can also be an opportunity to have a portfolio that can be directly tested to better comprehend myself as a person.

These days I’m rushing to recover all the days I spent working on TRICOSMOS: Cardinals Legacy rather than studying for my final exams. If everything goes alright this september I will attend university; this might reduce the number or content length of my future projects, however I still have the desire to manufacture more experiences to be remembered.

English is not my mother language so I hope that I haven’t messed up too much with grammar and general flow of the article.

Thank you for following my journey and I hope that you can have a fun time playing my current and future projects. Maybe next year, at this exact time, something will change. No matter what happens I’ll try to write a few words for the next debut anniversary and I’ll be grateful if you will be there in the future.

Have a nice day and see you next time!


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